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Noom Reviews (2022) Effective Weight Loss Solution That Works?

Various weight loss regimens work towards the same goal of shedding fat. However, their working mechanisms are different. There are those designed to offer users temporary results while others offer long-term effects. Pills, injections, workouts, and diets are examples of popular fat-burning solutions. Some of them deliver results, while others do not.

Noom weight loss regimen – What is it?

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Noom is a trailblazing weight loss solution mobile app that uses psychology to ensure you stick to a diet and exercise routine that supports weight loss. Noom was launched in 2008 as a fitness + calories tracker. Later in 2016, the developers added psychology and behavioral change features, personal coaches, and user support groups.

Today, the mobile health app has thousands of downloads as it uses a practical and sustainable method of sustaining weight loss. Unlike traditional diets that seem too restrictive and demanding, Noom uses a psychological approach to aid you in adopting a healthy lifestyle. Its primary goal is to ensure you fortify your physical and mental health. As per Noom’s official website, its philosophy combines human coaching, technology, and psychology to help boost your mental and physical wellbeing.

Noom comprises various medical experts who work towards improving your health as a whole. Some of the professionals include oncologists, heart specialists, and diabetes prevention and management experts. Noom uses an approach that will enable you to shed pounds by addressing various challenges that led to the weight gain in the first place. Also, Noom customers learn to concentrate on their attitude before they focus on food. In other words, Noom’s core principle is that,

“Once you can control your thoughts on the things you want to achieve, the brain starts forming neural connections to support behavioral change.”

Thus, losing pounds with Noom involves scrutinizing eating manners, making correct lifestyle changes, being accountable for your actions, and controlling all food-related emotions.

How does the Noom weight formula work?

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You first need to download the Noom app to start using it. Noom transcends standard weight loss programs as it adds the psychological aspect to its schedule, something you will not find in popular weight loss solutions. Before getting started, you must fill out a questionnaire that will enable you to stay focused throughout the whole weight loss process. This includes:

As you embark on the weight loss journey, a Noom coach regularly provides you with feedback to ensure you stay on track and do things the right way. Additionally, your trainer motivates you to keep on the right fitness track. Getting the correct information is crucial in ensuring that you are doing the correct thing. So, Noom provides you with informational articles on exercise, nutrition, and weight loss to boost your motivation. Also, users can interact with other Noom members making the weight loss journey a collective project which can assist you to stay on track. By week 16, the Noom administrator expects you to exercise effectively, make better choices, and make significant strides in your weight loss journey.

Noom creators claim that each Noom strategy is science-backed to support long-term weight goals. Thus, users will shed fat and learn practical ways of maintaining their ideal weight and general health. Most weight loss solutions focus on short-term goals. However, after reaching your perfect weight, Noom experts provide you with vital information on ensuring you do not add weight.

Noom Question and Their Relevance

The reason for gaining weight is varied. Therefore, Noom personalizes your weight loss journey based on uniqueness. Some of the basic Noom quiz that you must fill include:

Your current weight, height, gender, and age– This data is crucial in ensuring you follow the right weight loss course based on your body type and gender. Scientific evidence shows that men are more likely to lose weight faster than women. Also, young individuals under 40 should use different weight loss strategies compared to those above 40 due to hormonal imbalance.

Current workout and nutrition habits– Such information is vital in determining whether your eating habits or exercise routines need changing.

The purpose of losing weight– different people have different reasons why they want to shed weight. Whether it is to wear that bikini in summer, please your partner, augment your health, or any other reason, Noom generates a personal program that steers you towards achieving long-term goals.

The reason for working out. Some people exercise to gain muscles, shed fat, or both.

Whether you have joint and back issues– this is to ensure you do not put further strain on your damaged muscles and joints.

Current health issues– individuals with medical conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems need to have a weight loss program that puts into account their health status to prevent health deterioration,

Workout history– Your coach needs to understand your athletic account.

Your current niche– Are you located in the country, city, or suburbs?

Do you know of any significant event that could have triggered weight gain? For example, slower metabolism, hormonal issues, injury, busy schedule, poor mental health, or particular medication.

What is the last time you had your optimal weight?

Any other weight loss program you have used in the past– for example, specific diets, surgery, use of supplements, etc.

Any history of mental issues– have you actively sought help from mental health services such as Talkspace, Headspace, Happify, or any other.

Does weight gain affect your social life- do you feel people judge you according to your weight? Have you ever been fat-shamed?

Any allergies- Are there some food types that you cannot take due to sensitivities?

Do you know cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – do you have any information about it?

How motivated are you in torching fats- Is your motivation constant, or is it waning with time?

What is your typical snack time? – During the day or at night? What do you think triggers the urge to snack? Hunger, other people eating, boredom, or sight of food?

Do you have a current gym membership?

Do you own any fitness equipment like a scale, smartwatch, skipping rope, etc.?

How is your daily schedule? – Are you busy for long hours?

What is your marital status?

How much alcohol do you consume on a daily or weekly basis?

How fast do you want to reach your optimal weight goal? – Do you want to take it slow and steady? Or rapidly?

Noom app recommends that you answer all these quizzes truthfully to build a personalized profile that will ensure you lose weight and amplify your wellbeing.

Noom’s Philosophy

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Psychological aspect – Most weight loss programs deliver results rapidly, but they are not sustainable. However, all Noom products are scientifically proven to support weight loss and general wellbeing. They do not focus on your health but rather on supporting weight loss. The fundamental principle is the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to allow you to build healthy habits that you can follow permanently.

Human Coaching – A personal trainer is crucial in guiding you towards achieving your goals. Once you get into the Noom program, you are allocated a personal trainer to motivate and ensure you are on the right track by providing you with all the necessary support. The Noom app has an interactive messaging feature to help you easily communicate with your trainer.

Technology – Technology ensures Noom users can access multiple services. For example, you can download Noom informational articles and interact with your coach thanks to technology. Also, customers get to communicate with thousands of other Noom users effectively using technology.

The 3-Month Individualized Course

After analyzing your feedback, Noom generates a custom profile including your nutrition, activity, demographic statistics, performances, and habits. Also, your profile takes into account other Noom users’ success stories. The fundamental purpose of the Noom app is for you to follow a three-month individualized course. After the three months elapse, it is expected that you will be healthier and fit.

The final result of that study is the Noom 16-week program. So, for 16 weeks continuous, Noom teaches you how to make better nutrition and exercise choices that facilitate weight loss. Additionally, you get vital information on managing specific chronic medical issues such as cardiovascular problems and diabetes during this period.

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Another unique Noom feature is that when you list an upcoming event, Noom can describe how much weight you could lose by that time. For example, if you want a specific dress to fit you during prom or wedding, Noom can project how much weight you can effectively lose, which helps you shop for the proper attire.

Still, Noom gives you a projection on how long it can take you to shed specific amounts of weight and at what point you are likely to reach your desired weight. Lastly, it gives you what you can do to maintain your ideal weight and general health permanently.

Noom 3-Month Course: Advantages and key features

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Daily lessons based on your terms

Noom generates a personalized and practical lesson to ensure you can start immediately and confidently. In every class, users get valuable tips that they can use daily to improve their daily life and exercise practices. You can decide the amount of time you want to dedicate to each lesson. Hence, the Noom weight loss regimen is considerate of your daily schedule, which helps you to shed fat efficiently.

Motivation from interactive groups and coaches

Each Noom user has a personal coach that motivates and encourages them to stay on track. One-on-one coaching ensures you are eating healthy foods and performing exercises the right way. The Noom support group is full of users who motivate and encourage each other, making the weight loss journey easier.

At your own pace

Noom tracking tools for exercise, food among others, are based on your pace. Some individuals are already on a healthy diet and may need to up their exercise routines. Therefore, a tracking tool that caters to your individual needs will likely support your weight loss goals.

Centered on Cognitive Behavioral Training

Unlike popular weight loss solutions that deliver short-term goals, Noom’s primary goal is to enhance weight loss permanently. Noom uses CBT to change your mindset and train your system to follow healthy habits.

Zero restrictive diet

Noom does not force you to follow a particular diet strictly. Instead, it makes you a master of your food. Noom developers do not list “good” or “bad” food. Also, Noom allows you to make food-related informed decisions that can benefit your system.

Improvement over excellence

Noom is a lifestyle progress program that focuses on making positive milestones over perfection. It allows you to develop progressive lifestyle habits that you can practice even after attaining your ideal weight. For example, drinking adequate water, consuming healthy foods, and exercising make you maintain a healthy body permanently with zero risk of re-gaining weight.

The Noom Color-coded Diet

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Noom does not in any way limit your diet. Also, there is nothing like “bad” foods under the Noom program. Likewise, it does not prevent you from gobbling up your favorite foods or drinks. Noom developers claim that this health-based app allows users to make intelligent decisions about their nutrition. This way, Noom users feel obligated to feed their system with beneficial foods for their health.

However, Noom recommends particular food coded red, yellow, and green based on their caloric values. For example, the red color is not a danger sign; instead, it indicates that the foods are high in calories and users should take them in small portions.

1. Green Foods

The color green is universally associated with development and growth. Noom developers claim that the green color represents foods rich in nutrients and have the lowest caloric value. Additionally, the Noom green-coded foods are rich in hydrating properties, infusing your system with large amounts of nutrients. Noom recommends that your plate should have at least half of green foods such as:

  • Fruits like bananas, strawberries, and apples
  • Vegetables like bell peppers, spinach, and broccoli
  • Dairy products such as skim milk, non-fat yogurt and cheese, and almond milk
  • Whole grains like quinoa, oatmeal, grain bread, and brown rice
  • Protein sources

2. Yellow foods

Yellow foods have more calories and less nutritional value. Therefore, Noom recommends that you eat less yellow foods and in moderate amounts. Also, you can eat more yellow foods than red. However, they should not exceed 25 percent of your daily caloric intake. Examples of yellow foods include:

  • Fish like salmon and tuna
  • Grains like tortillas
  • Protein sources like eggs, ground beef, chicken, and turkey breast
  • Legumes like chickpeas and black beans
  • Dairy products like low-fat cheese and Greek yogurt

3. Red Foods

Red foods have the most calories and the most negligible nutritional value. However, it does not mean they are unhealthy. However, they should be in minimum amounts on your plate. Examples of red foods include:

  • Nuts like walnuts, cashews, and almonds
  • Oils like avocado, olive, and coconut oils
  • Peanut and almond butter
  • Seeds like chia, sunflower, and flax seeds

Noom does not purport that the red or yellow food groups are not necessary for your diet. However, this weight loss regimen emphasizes that you eat more green food groups.

Noom Step-by-step guide on how to get started

Fill out the 10-minute lengthy questionnaire to allow Noom to generate unique goals based on your individuality.

Pay, download, and log in to your Noom profile. You begin by paying for the one-week Noom trial, which costs $0.50- $18, depending on your budget. However, after the 7-day trial period elapses, users must pay the complete $129 to cater for the entire 3-month program.

Meet your trainers, complete lessons, and start logging in your daily calories. You have to follow the guidance of your coach and get committed to daily classes. Noom requests you to fill ten mini-classes in CBT and psychology over four months (16 weeks). Depending on your schedule, you have a choice of 5 or 16 minutes daily lessons. Two days after checking the Noom app, a coach will reach out to you via the Noom messaging section to check your progress.

What are the Advantages of Noom?

No Food limitation: Noom app will not ask you to drop certain foods or consume more of some dishes. Instead, Noom gives you the authority to choose foods that are going to support your goals. Additionally, you will understand which foods can cause you to gain weight and balance different food types for better health.

Personal coaching: Noom assigns you a coach to help you achieve your ideal health goals in 16 weeks. Additionally, the coach will steer you in the right direction and answer some of your questions.

Permanent results: Unlike popular temporary weight loss solutions, Noom ensures you do not re-gain weight permanently. Throughout the 16 weeks, you will learn to maintain an ideal weight, such as controlling your caloric portions and exercising.

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Short and straightforward lessons: Noom combines psychology, diet, and exercise to lose weight effectively. Noom lessons are short, taking between 5-15 minutes of your daily plan. Thus, even the busiest person can follow the Noom program and effectively transform their system.

Track everything: Noom allows you to track your food portions and exercise habits. As a result, you will strive towards making improvements that will make you achieve your goals.

Science proven strategies: Each Noom method has multiple clinical trials involving hundreds of participants.

Disadvantages of Noom

Expensive: Some people complain that Noom is quite costly. The weight loss program includes a customized digital plan and a personal coach. All Noom services are virtual. Thus some folks may find the $129 very expensive in comparison with similar products in the market.

No meal plan: Some folks looking to shed weight prefer a program that gives specific meal plans. Thus, Noom may not be your ideal program if you are looking for a weight loss solution that specifies what you should eat for lunch, supper or breakfast.

Poor customer care services: Some customers complain that Noom support service is poor, and the administrator does not promptly address the client’s issues.

Requires dedication: Noom could be the only weight loss program that requires 100% dedication by users. Consumers must check-in and communicate with the coaches every week. Additionally, Noom users must fill out their personal information honestly.

Noom Scientific Proof

According to, the maker claims that multiple research findings support how their program works. Over 30 peer-researched clinical articles provide Noom users and professionals with relevant details on this system’s effectiveness. Additionally, Noom claims that the facilitators and coaches are high-level degrees in neuroscience, statistics, psychology, and integrative medicine.

Also, Noom cites a 2016 study published by Nature Research which indicates that among 35921 participants, 78 percent were able to shed significant weight in about nine months. Another magazine in the British Medical Journal suggests that about 64 percent of Noom users lost about five percent of their body weight in 2 months. In a survey conducted by the University of Sydney Medical Center, the institution ranked Noom as the best weight loss program at position 1 out of 800 surveyed programs.

Noom is unique as it avoids the ‘yoyo effect.’ The yoyo effect is when you lose substantial weight and then regain it several; weeks or months later. However, Noom allows you to lose weight permanently with zero risk of gaining it back by incorporating behavioral training. By manipulating and training your brain to discern healthy food and lifestyle habits, you can prevent adding excess weight even after the 16-week period elapses. More Noom research evidence is accessible via

Noom Enterprise

Noom is a one-of-the-kind institution that provides its employers with enterprise products. Therefore, if you are a boss and want to solve a health issue in your office, Noom allows you to sign up for their enterprise plan. Today, most office folks have health problems as a result of leading an inactive lifestyle. As a result, numerous individuals use between $500- $12000 to manage various issues. Therefore, the Noom enterprise plan can go a long way in boosting the health of office workers. Also, statistics indicate about 70 percent of American adults have a weight-related chronic condition such as joint issues, diabetes, and hypertension.

Noom Enterprise program gives users a customizable approach towards heightening personal wellbeing using clinically proven strategies. It includes:

  • Hypertension prevention and management
  • Weight loss
  • Type 2 diabetes prevention and management

As per Noom official sales page, about 84 percent of office employees that complete the program, over 64 percent shed significant pounds, and another 73 percent reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

Noom Genesis

Noom is a digital health firm whose primary aim is to assist individuals in leading a healthy and happy life. It was founded by America-based business partners Artem Petakov and Saeja Jeong in 2008. The two claim that they were motivated to start the Noom program after noticing that the national American healthcare structure was designed to cater to the sick and not promote better health.

According to Noom founders, the root cause of sick care is a poor health system. Therefore, by augmenting health care, you can reduce the expensive cost of sick care. Additionally, the number of ill persons will decrease when you address better health. Also, Noom creators claim that about half of premature deaths are linked to preventable causes which are not adequately addressed. For example, conditions that claim most Americans’ lives annually include diabetes, heart attack, hypertension, and other diseases that are 100% preventable.

Presently, Noom digital products have benefited millions of folks globally to shed weight permanently and fortify their general health. The New York City-based platform is available in English, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Korean.

Noom Pricing

You have to complete the 10-minute Noom quiz first on the Noom app to create a customizable profile for you. However, to get access to your profile, you must pay for the one-week trial price. During the 7-day trial period, users can pay as little as a dollar as Noom makers believe that “finances should not stand in your health’s way.”

After the one-week Noom trial period is over, you are automatically signed up for the complete 3-month program. Noom allows you to choose your payment duration ranging from weekly, monthly, or for the entire three months, depending on your budget.

Does Noom have a refund policy?

Noom offers its users full refunds on the 7-day trial and complete program. If, by any chance, Noom does not live up to its promises, you are free to contact their support services and request for a refund. However, as per, the company does not reveal the specific time to ask for a refund. Also, it does not specify how much users are entitled to receive.

Final Word

Noom is an app-based weight loss platform that allows you to shed pounds effectively and permanently. The Noom psychological lessons are short and precise to make informative decisions on what to and how to feed your system, which exercises are ideal for you, among other strategies that can support weight loss. Additionally, Noom equips users with clinically proven meal plans and workout information to help them make wise choices to enhance their wellbeing.

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